Budditos Carnivalitos

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Cutetitos Taste Budditos Carnivalitos lets you discover 2 mini best friends in a 2-piece heart-shaped wrap inspired by Churros & Chocolate Sauce! The set includes 2 mini best friends - a Raccoonito and a Chocolate Labito - in fun carnival food patterns! A heart-shaped wrap is included; you can wrap'em together or separate it into 2 pieces and wrap 'em alone. Each Buddito has a special Heart Spot that tells you exactly what kind of besties you've discovered - will they be "Bestito Frienditos", "Frienditos 4Ever", or something else? The included Pet Collector card will tell you each Buddito's Heart Spot ranking, name, species, and birthday! Budditos love each other, despite their differences. They'll inspire you to #LoveYourDifferences too! Look for the other fun carnival food pairings in Series 2 - Cheese Fries, Chicken & Waffles, and Hot Dog & Mustard. Collect all 8 and become besties forever!

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