Contra Pocket Player

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Includes fully playable arcade versions of Konami’s run-and-gun classics, CONTRA and SUPER CONTRA. Features My Arcade’s CO/VSTM Technology which allows you to link your Pocket Player with a friend’s for co-op play.

  • Includes 2 games, arcade version of Contra and Super Contra.
  • Allows for CO-VSTM functionality for co-op action (CO-VSTM cable included).
  • 2.75” full color backlit display.
  • Powered by either 4 AA batteries or by any Micro-USB cable (not included).
  • Built-in front facing speaker, volume control and 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Compact size and included lanyard make for perfect on-the-go gaming



  1. CONTRA -Run, jump, and shoot to defeat Red Falcon and his army.
  2. SUPER CONTRA- Defeat aliens and possessed comrades with new weapons and power ups.  

CONTRA Pocket Player, CO/VS cable, lanyard, user guide

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