Copy of Dog Man Cubles Paper Constructible Cheif

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From Cubles.  A PREVIEWS Exclusive! When Dog Man gets fired from the police force, he has to go deep undercover not only to get his job back but also to capture a sinister spider armed crook named Crud. And thus Cat Man was born! Cat Man's cat head technology was designed and built by his friends Lil Petey and 80-HD and helps our hero get into and out of some pretty hairy situations. This Officially Licensed PREVIEWS Exclusive Cat Man Cuble is a playable 3D paperboard model that stands over 5" tall. Each Cuble is 100% recyclable and has color coded instructional tabs and movable parts for easy construction for ages 6 and up! Everything you need is included. No glue or scissors required. Limited to 1000 pieces!

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