QAWALE Strategy Game

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  • MANCALA WITH A TWIST: Pick up a stack of stones and drop a stone on each space you move over, trying to line up four of your color on the top of different stacks.
  • SIMPLE RULES: Easily start playing after learning all the rules in just 60 seconds. Even new players will be able to jump right into the strategy!
  • BRAIN BURNER: You need to think 3 moves ahead as you anticipate which stacks your opponent will move and which colors will be covered up.
  • QUALITY WOODEN PIECES: The rich wooden tones of the pieces will look attractive on your coffee table, as you leave it set up and ready to play.
  • CLASSIC ABSTRACT GAMES: Qawale joins a long line of multi award-winning abstract games, bringing the same level of strategy and quality.
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