Dig it Up! Create and Dig Eggs

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Stir up some prehistoric fun! This kit combines the fun of a regular Dig It Up! kit with the creativity of making your very own dinosaur eggs to excavate. You cast your own plaster eggs with the mini skeletons of a triceratops, brachiosaurus, and stegosaurus inside. Then use the paleontologist tools included to chisel away, or give them to friends as gifts!

• Everything you need is included to make 3 plaster eggs with a dino skeleton inside each
• Helps promote an early interest in science for kids
• Field guide includes dinosaur facts and a matching activity
• Includes Plaster of Paris, 1 egg shaped mold, 1 mixing tray, 1 beaker, 3 dinosaur skeletons, 3 excavation tools, excavation guide and instructions

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