Brain Tree: 1000 Piece Puzzle - Dusky Barn Quilts

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An advanced puzzle for enthusiastic puzzlers, the Dusky Barn Quilts Puzzle is a must-have in your puzzle collection. With plenty of things present in the background of the puzzle, you need to have the basic puzzle-solving skills to make this puzzle-solving easy. A bold-color scheme is used to bring out the best artistic image of the dusky barn. You'll be thrilled to see the complete solved puzzle picture.
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles with a perfect blend of elegance and creativity
Each & every piece is unique in shape ( Random Cut ) to make the jigsaw puzzle-solving experience memorable
Each puzzle piece is around 1.75 mm thick which makes the puzzles durable and sturdy
Every single box of Brain Tree Games 1000 piece puzzles contain add-ons like puzzle poster, zipper bag, 4 puzzle sorting trays, and, puzzle box stand.
High-quality boards are used to give the puzzle a premium look and feel
Droplet Technology is used in all our puzzles to achieve anti-glare surface, premium matte effect, and micro water drop effect.

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