Grow Sloth

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Our Hatch and Grow Sloth doesn't need any food or special care. Just add water and watch him grow and break out of his tree stump. So, how does it work? Sit back, and relax. This little fella wants to take his time: First, put the tree stump in a container filled with enough water to cover it. The water temperature must be less than 95 F. After 24-48 hours, the tree stump will slowly break and your sloth will emerge. Be sure to keep the container full of water. After the tree stump is broken entirely, you'll want to add fresh water to the container. Your sloth pal will continue to expand for 48-72 hours. Lastly, after about 72 hours, move your sloth to a larger container with fresh water, and continue to watch your sloth grow. Remove the baby sloth from the water and let it dry out and you can repeat the process all over again! Sloths are cute mammals known for their slowness, and this Grow Sloth is no different. Don't rush it though, it's a sloth after all. Stump measures approximately 3 inches tall. Simply add water, and watch your tiny sloth emerge from a tree stump and grow to his full height. For ages 5 and up. Measures approximately 4.15 inches tall x 3.35 inches wide. Our Hatch and Grow Sloth is fun in an Easter Basket!

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