Kittens Vs Gherkins 2PK Blind Bag

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Kittens vs Gherhkins 2 Piece Mystery Bag in 12pc CDU


New Kittens vs Gherkins are itty bitty kitties and little baby pickle 3-inch versions of the core Cats vs Pickles you love like Lil Mint Chippie, Lil Galactikitty, and Lil Joey.

Just like the grown-up CVP, new Kittens vs Gherkins feel great to squeeze and fidget because they are super-soft, and filled with fluffy poly fiber and beans.

Sold in 2-pack mystery bags which include two KvG beans and a cute sensory crinkle blanket or singles which includes a sweet matching character sticker!

Each Mystery Bag contains 2 kittens or 2 pickles with a baby blanket.
Mystery blind bag!
So many fun styles to collect!

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