Lego 365 Things to do with Lego Bricks Book

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Use this book to construct new designs and brainstorm new ideas for using your existing LEGO brick collection. The 365 new ideas from the book will inspire you to reimagine your LEGO bricks and use them in fresh and exciting ways. Just a few examples include: a LEGO treasure hunt, LEGO magic tricks, LEGO stop-motion movie, and even a LEGO pet. Challenge your kids to truly think outside the box and extend this classic toy in fantastic ways. Stay occupied for hours with big projects, or play a simple game with the family using just a handful of LEGO bricks.

• 365 Things to Do With LEGO Bricks Book
• Strengthens creativity, problem-solving, design, and self-expression
• Book measures 282 mm x 11 mm, with 256 pages

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