Lego Surgeon Keylight

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The humble LEGO® Minifigure has appeared in many forms including oversized Key Lights. A selection of new characters have recently been released including two new superhero ones. No, I’ve not made a mistake, these are the real heroes. With all that is currently happening in the world, those who work in hospitals and other medical places, are the true superheroes. There’s a Nurse Minifigure and a Surgeon Minifigure key light, both based on previously released Collectible Minifigure characters. (Technically the Nurse is a vet, but it appears she has switched to looking after poorly Minifigures instead of animals) Both feature poseable arms and legs, with two bright LED lights in each foot. There’s an easy-to-access button built into the chest of the Minifigure, which is timed to preserve the battery. Currently, these new LEGO Minifigure Key Lights are only available in the UK and EU via, although they could be available via other retailers in other regions.

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