Magic Rabbit The Levitating Wand

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From Schilling toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun comes magic rabbit, simple magic for kids. Learn the secrets of the master magicians as you amaze and astonish your friends with real magic. Put on the most fascinating performance and delight your audience with a complete set of magic tricks. Learn the secrets of the Masters of illusion with these easy to master tricks that will baffle and Mystify everyone. The magic rabbit sets include all the props and tricks you need for a complete magic show. Astonish even the most skeptical observer with your superior sleight of hand, ability to make things disappear and magically travel through air. Each set includes the same props and tricks used by professional magicians and Entertainers. An easy-to-follow detailed instruction book is included in every set to give the knowledge you need to perform every trick. The magic rabbit sets are educational. They help build confidence, self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, reading, critical thinking and public speaking. New 2018

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