Re-Masks: 1000 Piece Puzzle - Periodic Table of the Elements

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Functional Fine Art: This science puzzle features bright colors and a wonderfully artistic design. Each item has a unique and informative illustration to accompany it. This periodic table puzzle is a fun way to incorporate STEM into learning.
A PUZZLE FOR EVERYONE - This Periodic Table of Elements consists of 1,000 puzzle pieces and measures 24" long x 30" wide when assembled. The pieces fit together seamlessly, making this a great puzzle for the whole family. Everyone is sure to enjoy the challenge and entertainment that this 1000 piece puzzle brings.
DIGITAL OUTTIME: Take some time out from TVs, phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This great puzzle is fun and engaging, giving you an activity you can enjoy for hours. Have fun putting it together yourself or have a puzzle night with friends and family.
QUALITY MATERIALS - We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials when constructing our puzzles. We use resource-efficient materials to produce our products, including a sturdy reusable puzzle box and die-cut puzzle pieces that are sharply crafted using powerful machinery.
RE-MARKS, One Step Up - We believe there is no end to the demand for fun, tactile and inspiring designs that encourage time away from digital clutter. Our goal is to create functional products that have the look and feel of fine art. Our customer service team is dedicated to answering customer questions so you can keep learning

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