Putty Peeps Glow In The Dark

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It's the putty with personality! Squish, twist and mould this high quality goo into almost endless shapes – add those great googly eyes to create all kinds of kooky characters. It'll change colour when it warms up to 26 degrees Celsius – then change back as it cools. It's non-toxic, never dries out, bounces like crazy and magically melts into an awesome ooze before cooling back into pliable putty.

Glow in the Dark Putty Peeps is an amazing new addition to the Putty Peeps range. The second image on the site shows how it glows. It has the same both solid and liquid properties as the original type. When the putty is played with and heated from the warmth of your hands, it will act as a solid which can be stretched, shaped, squished, snapped and bounced.

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