Wooden City 4x4 Wooden Mechanical Model

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This kinetisches 3D wooden model is based on the so-called Willys MB, the ancestor of all strongly called "Jeeps", which from 1940 as a small, off road vehicle for the US army in large numbers of items. US soldiers described as "faithful to your all-purpose vehicle like a dog, as a mule and acting like a mountain goat". The model has a rubber motor and can be equipped with a special key without any problem. The jeep trip with all-wheel drive forwards and backwards. Many movable engine and drive parts give this model a very special look. Steerable and suspended front axle. The windscreen can be used like the right vehicle turned down, the hood must be opened. With trailer coupling and other accessories. Incl. detailed step-by-step instructions. The explanations are intuitive and easy to understand. The Wiilys Jeep is an original interior decoration and proof of their engineering of the builder.

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